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The developing medium
Embrace Your Spirit Connection
An 8-Week Evening Course
Starting 9th of May 2018
with Kim Sowter
This Course is for:
  • Tarot Readers
  • Psychic Readers
  • Healers
  • Psychic Mediums
  • Anyone wanting to connect to spirit
Mediumship is the ability to connect with a discarnate spirit to bring through validation of life after death. A medium is always of service to spirit and requires knowledge of what the spirit world requires, trust in the self to overcome the logical mind, the ability to integrate the energy and discern the entity from the self. Although this may sound straight forward many mediums are left experiencing:
  • Pressured by their own expectations or that of others
  • The logical mind takes over, creating ‘static’ on the line of communication
  • A lack of understanding the needs of spirit and the individual you want to help
  • Finding the comfort zone and feel its time to move forward
Embracing the connection is for the developing medium that wishes to enhance their service to spirit and individuals who require assistance on their life journey.
During the 8 weeks, we will develop the following aspects of mediumship:
  •  Attuning energy to the vibration of spirit communication
  •  Establishing the connection & knowing who you are working with
  •  Stepping into spirit
  •  Connecting to specific information
  •  Psychic Vs spiritual validation
  •  Journey of the soul
  •  The role of the medium in daily life
  •  Conducting medium sessions
  •  Going beyond deceased loved ones to bring through spiritual hierarchy
Bonus - 60 min Private Mentoring Session with Kim
To further enhance the development, individuals will receive a private 60 minute one-on-one mentoring session with Kim.
During this session Kim will connect to the spiritual hierarchy to bring through information specific to the individual’s journey of mediumship, healing and spirit communication. The outcome will assist the individual to understand their specific path in life. 
This will be conducted outside of class time by phone or skype. Individuals will make a time & day for the one-on-one with Kim at some stage during the 8 weeks (mentoring valued at $260).
Here's How To Secure Your Place...
Location: The Garden Mind Body and Business
4 Ross Smith Avenue West, Frankston
Starting Wed. 9th May 2018
7:15pm - 9:15pm
$320 (2 x $160 payment plan available, contact for details)
One-off payment

includes GST

  • Easy one-off payment ($40 per class)
Course Facilitator - Kim Sowter 
About Kim’s Journey of Mediumship -

As an only child, Kim was known for being highly sensitive. Demonstrating abilities such that would have her explaining in detail events or personal situations that a child could not know. Her parents encouraged her not to discuss such detail with people however the child didn’t understand why.
Learning very quickly to keep quiet seemed to be the catalyst for further activity. Knocking on doors or windows was a daily occurrence, spirit shapes or beings walking around home and discarnate voices made life difficult. Thankfully Kim’s mother witnessed many of the events that happened and encouraged her daughter to not be afraid but also to not speak about this.
As time went on Kim’s natural ability could not be contained. Teachers at school would even notice that her knowing of information and answers was ‘out of the ordinary. Often calling her back after class to demonstrate this ability.

Friends at school would bring objects that Kim would use as triggers. Reading the object, she would be able to see details such as where it came from, the cost or even the emotional connection that the object held. This became a game that quickly had children encouraged by their parents to run from or to entice into knowing more.

The transition to development occurred in her early 20’s. Kim moved into a home by herself in which she spent two weeks before running away. The home was haunted but little did Kim know that this experience would be the catalyst towards professional training as a medium.

On referral from a friend of a friend, Kim was introduced to the Spiritualist Union, an organization dedicated to the philosophy of validating life after death. Here Kim gained acceptance and began the journey towards understanding spirit communication.
Learning the importance of development has given Kim the tools and discipline to explore and participate in various forms of mediumship. This has resulted in participating on platform demonstrations and countless of personal readings for individuals who long to make a connection with loved ones.
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