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Do You Need To Shift A Part of Your Life That Isn't Working For You?
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BETTER HEALTH - freedom from ongoing pain and limitation
FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS - that nurture and support you
A LIFESTYLE - allowing you to make positive change and flourish
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How To SHIFT YOUR LIFE! - PDF Download

Learn how a powerful part of you, your Authentic Self, wants to guide you. Understand how easy it is to master this part of you to make the changes you desire and achieve the lifestyle you want. This is the secret that you've been looking for.

Connect to Your Authentic Self With This Powerful Meditation - MP3 Download

A profoundly deep meditation to get you acquainted with your authentic self. Make sense of your life, see the pathway to change and access your untapped potential. Listen to this meditation to understand why everyone is raving about it.
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Meet Your SHIFT YOUR LIFE! Facilitators
Ben Sowter
International Author, Inspired Speaker, Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium,  Sound Healer & Authentic Self Specialist.

Ben’s extensive long-term study and research into higher sensory communication, higher state of consciousness and emotional intelligence has resulted in a deep understanding of the core systems of our being, how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions ultimately create our life experiences and quality of health.

As a result of the understanding of the integral nature and intricate relationships between our mind, heart, body and soul, Ben has co-pioneered with Kim the SHIFT YOUR LIFE! - Authentic Self training process.
Kim Sowter
International Author, Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive, Map of Life Intuitive & Authentic Self Specialist.

The ability to quickly see the root cause of an issue is why Kim is a much sought-after clairvoyant, medium. Working with individuals all over the world to access their own unique life path, improve health, relationships & prosperity.
Spanning a twenty-year career in the field of metaphysics. Kim has finely tuned her ability to go beyond the general psychic reading. Training extensively with renowned teachers across the world. Kim has gained a great understanding of how human beings are limited by the confines of traditional learning that forms the basis of beliefs and life experience.

Kim’s ability can focus on all areas of life, i.e. health, relationships, mental issues, patterns of circumstance (why the same thing happens in different situations) and how you can alter the programming to create real, authentic change.
About Us
The Authority on Intuition, Sensory Communication, The Sentient Experiment,
and The Authentic Self
THE COLLEGE OF INTUITION offers the resources, guidance and expertise to propel individuals on the pathway towards freedom and success.

Unlike conventional modalities that may focus on the mental aspect, Kim & Ben offer the blueprint of your entire life. You receive the bigger picture on the cause, as well as the solution to current concerns.

Utilizing over 20 years of research and study into the fields of mindset, emotional intelligence and sensory communication, their comprehensive training services are a unique and rich resource for individuals who yearn for a deeper perspective into their personal life and physical existence.
"Every moment in your life is captured and stored within your body, mind and soul. None of it is useless. All of it matters."
Ben & Kim Sowter
Founders of The College of Intuition and co-authors of The Sentient Pathway
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